Electrical/Automation Engineer – Contract Position


Dutch Industries is a progressive metal fabrication shop with over 60 years of serving the surrounding community as well as numerous other international customers. We are currently seeking a recent engineering graduate to assist the setup of software based plant communications and implement automation techniques.

The job of an automation engineer involves designing, programming, simulating and testing automated processes and machinery, followed by creating detailed documentation or manuals for the fully functional projects.

Education/Experience Requirements:

A successful candidate should possess a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in software, automation, electronic or electrical engineering. Additional courses in statistics, databases, networks, fluid dynamics, or robotics is an advantage.


Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, solid understanding of a software development and computer programming, highly organized and creative, possess engineering leadership, strong research skills, excellent written and communication skills and proficiency in hardware and software development and troubleshooting.

· Python Experience including networking and GUI design

· TCP/IP Networking Stack

· Database Development Experience (SQL/NoSQL)

· Interactive Hardware/SoC Design Experience

Key Roles

· Work as a team alongside manufacturing engineers, production staff, and management to develop and improve automation and communication within the production facility to help build towards more efficient, lean practices.

· Implement communication systems between production equipment and the company’s Manufacturing ERP via SQL Server Integration Services, data transfer solutions and pre-existing software supplied by the ERP manufacturer.

· Implement and maintain SCADA Analytics

· Prepare project proposals and reports as required

· Assist staff with technical support as needed