Since its inception, Dutch Industries has offered custom manufacturing to meet specific and unique client needs including lean manufacturing, powder coating, laser cutting, and machining.



Dutch Industries offers shot blasting, powder coating and liquid coating services. The blasting process uses a steel shot which preps the product with a fine profile to allow better adherence of the finish coating.

The powder coating system is a high quality, durable finish. With large capacity curing ovens, Dutch is able to apply a large variety of colors and textures. The paint finishing departments work with the latest painting technologies to offer a durable and long lasting finish to your products.

Powder coating is one of the most durable and UV resistant finishes available. It is available in hundreds of colors. Also available are several textured finishes which are not only very attractive but also help to hide minor surface imperfections. Its resistance to scratches, rust, and fading makes powder coating the best finishing choice for businesses and consumers alike. Many liquid finishes contain harmful solvents. These solvents contain pollutants known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Powder coating is environmentally friendly because it contains no solvents and therefore only releases negligible amounts of these compounds, if any at all, into our environment. Over sprayed powder can be recovered and any waste can be disposed of easily and safely.


With the addition of laser technology we truly become your “One Stop Shop”. We specialize in custom manufacturing for companies just like yours, from idea to finished product. Fully automated technology with up to one inch capabilities and 5′ x 10′ sheet size. Call today to find out how we can make you more successful.



The machining department offers CNC machining in both turning and milling with production runs based on our customers’ demands. Quick setups allow us to offer smaller quantity runs. In-house engineered and specialty parts machining is based on our qualified tradesman. With many years of experience, they are always looking at solving or improving our customers issues and challenges.


Dutch Industries Custom Services Division offers a value added vendor managed process to our clients through the application of “LEAN manufacturing” principles. LEAN manufacturing, better known as “Just in Time (JIT)”, is a philosophy of continuous improvement in which non-value-adding activities are identified and removed for the purposes of:

  • Reducing Cost
  • Improving Delivery
  • Improving Quality
  • Adding Flexibility
  • Improving Performance
  • Increasing Innovation

The Dutch lean manufacturing process eliminates waste by having the work environment streamline and simplify the processes. Each work cell produces one complete manufactured operation, thus ensuring quality workmanship while providing efficiency improvements and just-in-time delivery. Dutch Industries continues its commitment to manufacturing excellence by continually adding current production equipment to the manufacturing process based on customer demand.


The seeds of Dutch Industries were sown in the early 1930s, in Holland. Here, a hardworking newlywed, by the name of Pieter Cruson, started a traditional blacksmith workshop. Cruson was granted permission to immigrate to Canada in 1950 and, in 1952, Dutch Blacksmith Shop put down roots. Cruson made the pivotal decision to provide quality steel products to local farmers and businessmen. This vision was to grow into Dutch Industries. Today, Dutch is still growing.

Eventually, Cruson passed the business on to his son, who took it to the next level. Now, the third generation of sons are preparing to take Dutch Industries even further. We believe our plans for growth will greatly impress you.

Today, Dutch Industries has over 50 years of experience, technologically-advanced equipment, and a 55,000 square foot facility. Dutch continues Pieter Cruson’s proud tradition, serving a growing list of agricultural and industrial customers, from over 11 countries, on six continents. The founding values of Dutch Industries are still alive and well today, ensuring that Dutch truly is a company that embodies its motto, ‘Quality for Generations.’


Quality is top priority in all projects performed by Dutch Industries. Through the implementation of the Dutch Industries Quality Assurance Program, we achieve the highest standard of quality, meeting or exceeding the demands of the industry. Exact craftsmanship and experienced creative solutions assure the customer’s requirements will be met. With the latest 3-D drafting technology, Dutch Industries is able to analyze problem areas before investing in the manufacturing process.

A strong work ethic and reliable product is one of Dutch’s secrets of success. We ensure that all of our manufacturing processes follow the ISO standard to ensure Quality for Generations™ in all of our projects.